Cumnock Game ON

Tomorrow’s Scottish Cup tie with Cumnock at Townhead Park is definitely on, we have been contacted by Cumnock and there is no problem with the park.

It is likely that unless the Cumnock game is a draw and goes to a replay at Gasworks Park, there will be no game for us next week. The Royal Albert game which was due to go ahead tomorrow at Gasworks Park has already been postponed so it will take priority next Saturday over our scheduled legue game with Port Glasgow.

Although we have not yet played Port Glasgow this season home or away, the game could not be switched to their ground as they are sharing it with Greenock and Greenock are down to play at home next week.

It looks like the only other way there could be a game on is if there is a draw in the Scottish Cup and we played their team who drew’s scheduled opponents.


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