Game Off

Lat minute postponement at St Roch’s, no official word but presumably the rain that fell after the early inspection caused the match ref to call it off.


People turning up minutes before the kick off so a lot of folk still thought it was on, a bit frustrating especially for those of us who travelled in but hopefully the Thistle players and committee managed to hear in time and avoid the trip.


2 thoughts on “Game Off

  1. Unfortunatley – when the match referee came in at 10 am he felt the game was playable (the reason we asked for the pitch inspection was to save people travelling.

    The match ref cam in again at 12.30 and although it was very soft he still felt that it was playable – by the time the Assistant Referees arrived and they did a final check they felt that it was unplayable.

    I think (that the ref got it right that the same situation happened with a lot of games on Saturday – called On early only to succumb to the weather close to kick off

    All the best

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