Player Stats

Season 2014-2015

Stats up to and including 16th May, Graham Gracie has come through and is now top scorer going into the last two games, but Ryan Innes is out for the rest of the season just when he was coming storming through with six goals in four games.

Alan Colquhoun is still holding on at the top of the Man of the Match league table but a couple of big performaces from David Reid could see him snatch it at the death.

Appearances Starts Sub Total
Niall Reynolds 31 0 31
Alan Colquhoun 30 0 30
Neil Schoneville 28 1 29
Mark McKeever 21 6 27
Graham Gracie 23 4 27
Brian Jack 22 5 27
Matty Clarke 16 10 26
Ryan Innes 23 2 25
David Reid 19 5 24
Ross McGeachie 17 7 24
Jordan Marshall 23 0 23
Andy Brown 21 1 22
Scott Nicholl 18 2 20
Mark Canning 20 0 20
Hugh Kelly 15 2 17
Ian Cooke 5 10 15
David McPhee 3 3 6
James Duris 5 1 6
Hugh Kerr 2 1 3
Robert Kidd 0 2 2
Graham McAlpine 0 1 1
Graham Gracie 14
Mark Canning 12
Ross McGeachie 9
Ryan Innes 9
David Reid 7
Matty Clarke 4
Neil Schoenville 3
Mark Reynolds 1
Brian Jack 1
Mark McKeever 1
David McPhee 1
Scott Nicholl 1
MoM – Website
Alan Colquhoun 18
David Reid 16
Andy Brown 13
Neil Schoenville 12
Ryan Innes 10
Ross McGeachie 9
Graham Gracie 8
Hugh Kelly 7
Mark Canning 5
Niall Reynolds 5
Jordan Marshall 4
Matty Clarke 4
Brian Jack 4
Mark McKeever 3
Scott Nicholl 3
Ian Cooke 3

9 thoughts on “Player Stats

  1. The lad they call the Shugster is a fine player! Been about for a while but defo steadies the ship at the back. This laddie Nially seems to think hes Cafu but more like Caplunk! Shells more balls into the bowling green than the opposition box! Think he needs to go back to the basics and learn to cross with the lolly pop women again.#teamnially

  2. We’ll lads it’s been along time coming but finally we beat our old foe the bellsyhll. Was a hard fought but much deserved win.thought we were a helavu lot stronger in terms of shape and discipline with andy brown back. He’s ma pal and a like him. Think with a certain person out the team our discipline in a whole is a lot better. So onto our next game. I urge the toon of Larky tae come out and support us cos ye get pies in bovril at half time and a gid laugh. Mon the Larky!!!!

  3. We’ll I appreciate your kind words nially but I have to say I like you to as a person but not as a player I have to say. I do agree with your comment about Kelly whom I believe that’s who you are talking about what I will say is there’s know doubt about it you miss his talent and ability on the park I had a tear in my eye when I heard he was leaving but when I heard he was coming back I jumped up and down on my mums bed with glee and happiness. Anyway hope we can all stay together as a team and really go for it next year Larky forever!!!!

  4. First post so bear with me my spellings no great. Anyway first and foremost a want tae thank eh aww the boys fur a spirited draw yesterday against belshul we pure battered them fae the first minute tae the last. And was a good 3 pints A could hardly kick the baw dead hard cos eh ma sore back but we goat there and wit a will say it wiz biter cold in the second half. Hopefully we can go on a wee run in the scottish cup noo.

  5. Larkhall Fans, Committee and Players,

    I’m on here to apologise for my son hughie Jnr. Have seen that he is posting under false names kidding on to be other people. Can I just say he came hame after the game and seeing shaun the sheep and was like a fat kid in a sweetie shop talking about the larkies great result.
    The one coincidence I have noticed is when wee hughie doesn’t play the Larkie tend to win!
    I know that wee ‘foreheed’ as me and his mother call him is passed his best. Couldnae cut it in the super league up the East and begged to come back to his beloved Larkhall.
    He’s trying to create a divide in the camp and get people to fall oot! Well a wee word of advice don’t let him get into yer heeds!!
    All the best for the rest of the season.

  6. Great to see u boys at the weekend, still waiting on tam to drap me hame to newmains, glad u finally got ur right back sorted that other tadger was rank rotten and ma wee bestie jacko was different gravy at the weekend apart fae the goal but might be ma fault a wiz shouting on him. Anyway tell tam to hurry up am freezin..

  7. Alright boyzez a wisny it the gene on Satirday.cos ma backs still sare fae aww ma crashes in ma van a canny even bend doon tae tie ma bunny ears in ma laces. Anywiyz a miss yez and sit by the fone waitin on it ringin hope in fur a recall. A pure miss the carry oan in the dressin room wae yez specially Reggie he’s sum laff and a dead good player at fitba anyway il see yez awh at the sports mens dinner ma shoes ur dead shiny already. Gid luck mens!

  8. I’m just on to make a few quick points. On the 7th of march I will realise my life long dream and that is to captain a junior side being vice captain to mark canning when he serves his deserved suspension I will fill his boots and lead the team out to battle. I’ve been writing a few words down on paper to stir the boys up and I can nearly say it without reading it. Il gather the boys into a huddle and look them in the eyes to see if there ready for war. Il now ask the main man who writes the match report if he would be kind enough to start a fans poll to see if I have the backing of the punters. What I will promise when I have the armband on is I will not be feart going into a challenge unlike before.

  9. I would also like to throw ma ring Into the hat for captain! Even tho I jumped ships to a higher standard then got fun oot and begged to cum back we canny make Neily captain he’s more like captain birdseye! I’ve even got a wee song for the Larkie punters,
    I’m Larkie till I die
    Im Larkie till I die
    I’m sure I am, I know I am
    I’m Larkie till I die

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