Rossvale v Larkhall Thistle, Central League First Division

Rossvale v Larkhall Thistle

Thistle made the trip to Petershill to play league new boys Rossvale for the first ever time – and must have wished they hadn’t bothered.

Click here for match report

Click here for full horror show


5 thoughts on “Rossvale v Larkhall Thistle, Central League First Division

  1. In fairness to Rossvale having watched the video again, they played some tremendous football in the second half and scored some excellent goals. Good luck for the season.

  2. I think I know who you are my friend and if I am right you have a very selective memory as regards bad defeats. The comment ” is this what we have come to” is bang out of order because this is about only the second time in many years we have lost like this we were terrible from start to finish a real bad day which has happened to us in the past so you just have to put it behind you and carry on and ignore some of the crap that some no name people write.

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