Rossvale video

Video highlights of yesterday’s game hopefully up sometime today.



Video is done, uploading to Youtube now but it takes a couple of hours so it won’t be live till tomorrow, search for Larkhall Thistle v Rossvale and you’ll get it.


The good news it it’s all there, goals and the dive for the penalty.




6 thoughts on “Rossvale video

  1. Hi Ian, Niall Reynolds just wondering when your putting the video of my goal up? I’ve got all the family round even got my brother mark down from Aberdeen for Sunday dinner. Hope it’s up shortly before we finish our pudding thanks again Niall 👍🏻

  2. Ian all the boys are looking forward to seeing this video and gathering tonight at training to watch it together. Will it be on by that time?

  3. Hi Iain, could u please put video up Neily been phoning me on stop since the weekend,him and matty been at it all the way home in my chauffeur driven car, hope u had tape on long play so you didn’t miss it!! I’ve been sitting in my study all day looking into my drinks atlas thinking where I have seen a better goal and couldn’t find anywhere, one the plus side good result and I’m back to my john lambie days up front way my big pal the Gracie greysocks

    Keep up good work on website Iain

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