Thistle a bogey team for Greenock?

In an interview with the Greenock Telegraph, Greenock manager Stevie Mooney has thrown out accusations that Thistle are their bogey team – although the Jags have been the only team to beat Greenock in the league this season. Not only that but both of last season’s matches between the teams were drawn.

Fate has also thrown up a strange quirk in the run up to today’s game at Port Glasgow. Thistle went to St Anthony’s on the Saturday before the 5-2 win against Greenock in September and won the game 3-2 and last week the Jags once again beat the Ants 3-2 on the Saturday before playing Greenock.

So is fate set to repeat itself today? Mooney says “We mustn’t look too far ahead and need to fully focus on the game. It was certainly a bad day at the office for us when we lost at Larkhall in September.

“They were well up for it then and it will no doubt be the same again tomorrow, so we will need to be on our toes.”

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