Happy 65th. Birthday

Malcom Mckechnie today reaches 65 years and joins the Thistle committee O.A.P.club along with Chris,Fiona and myself. Malky is one of the unseen heroes at the club and every Sunday for example you will find him at the park doing the washing from the previous day’s game and if it’s a home he cleans the lounge kitchen etc. . Junior football only exists because off guys like Malcolm. Enjoy your day today and your holiday in Tenerife .


As you might have noticed, the website has been down for a couple of days.


This was due to an unforeseen issue with the hosting company’s legal department whose attitude is shut it down first and then take a look at it and with them being in America and responding in their own good time, things dragged on longer than they should have.


Apologies to everybody and thanks for continuing to support the website and Larkhall Thistle.