New Thistle photos

Former Thistle player from the last great Jags team Arthur Whiteside has been in touch and has very kindly contributed three photographs of the team from the 70s.

Arthur says:

“The first one refers to a cup tie we had played against Blantyre Vics trying to reach the quarter-final of the Scottish Junior Cup. We drew 1-1 at Blantyre and 0-0 I think at home in the replay. We tossed up after the game to decide the venue and we won that so the second replay was also at home. We had high expectations of winning that game and indeed we should have, missed many opportunities to score and lost a “soft” goal which turned out to be the winner for Vics. There was one heck of a crowd at that match 2 or 3 thousand I recall.

Great team back then and two goal scoring machines in the Duffs and after 40 years I still have them as friends”

Larkhall Thistle 1975 team photograph Larkhall Thistle 1974 team photograph Larkhall Thistle v Lanark 1974