Larkall Thistle play at Gasworks Park in Larkhall, South Lanarkshire.

The address of the park is:
Gasworks Park
Raploch Street
Larkhall Lanarkshire

The park is easy to get to and there are excellent transport links to Larkhall, both by road and by train.

By road:
Exit the M74 southbound at Junction 7 and follow the signs for Larkhall, through the mini roundabout to the traffic lights at Larkhall Cross. Raploch Street is straight ahead and the park is 100 yards on the left. From the M74 northbound, exit at Junction 8 and follow the signs down the hill into Larkhall. Larkhall Cross is about 2 miles and Raploch Street is on the left at the cross. Larkhall is also ideally placed for the main East/West road in Scotland, being roughly midpoint on the A71.

There is loads of on street parking outside and in the streets around the park.

By train:
From Glasgow Central low level platform 16, trains run every half hour. From Larkhall Central, exit the station onto Caledonia Road and turn left, then left into Raploch Street.


For season tickets, buses to away games, tickets for events etc, phone or text any of the following:

Stevie Johnston 07523 153713
Chris Lenson 07463 127010
Hugh Kerr 07746 875347

For anything to do with the website or programme, email:

ian @ (no spaces)

Or leave a comment at the bottom of any of the pages, it will show up at the top of the home page as the latest comment.

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  2. You are correct Ian, I do mean Scott.The young lad Russell at right back is improving rapidly, he is turning into a top class player.
    If he keeps working at his game, he is capable of performing at the highest level.

  3. hi Kilbirnie will be through to play the Albert on 13th Oct and we were looking for a suggestion for a few pints before the game.
    Raploch BC been mentioned,do you know if it will be open then or could you suggest an alternative the could take a coach load.
    thanks and all the best for the season
    John Jeffrey

    1. Hi John,

      Yes Raploch Bowling Club might be your best bet, you will be parking the bus outside their door anyway. Other alternatives would be the Central on the main street (though that is a busy time for them sometimes) and the Village Tavern about 100 yards away. Don’t listen to the rubbish on P & B, you will be welcome and won’t see any trouble from the locals.

  4. Just a quick comment to thank the players and officials for travelling to New Abbey for today’s friendly game. We really enjoyed your visit (apart for the score haha). Had some good crack during the game and afterwards in the pub. Looking forward to our visit to you next season for the return. All the best from Abbey Vale FC for season 2013/14.

  5. Hi Davy just a short note to thank you and the guys for a great day. Hope you season goes well and you start the real thing today with a win against Locha Thistle. See you on 19th July next year.
    Players, management, committee and supporters Larkhall Thistle

    1. Hello Hugh. My son put me onto the club web site,great reading about old times and seeing some well kent faces. Hope things are well with you and the Jags. Now I know where to find you I’ll keep in touch.

      1. Hi, John I am treasurer of the club likeWillie Cowan was never any money Chris Lenson is the President. We are about to take part in an exhibition on the history of Larkhall on 21st. March and as Scotland’s oldest junior team we have a fair bit of stuff from past years but if you would let us borrow whatever you have we will return it . I know you were capped by Scotland with the Gow we would love to show a Scottish cap if possible and would take good care of it. By the way my wife Thea sends here regards from your days at Hunter Douglas she worked in the canteen.

  6. Hello Larkhall Thistle _ I am contacting you to enquire if your club is issuing matchday programmes for home matches this season?. I have been visiting Junior clubs across Scotland and always like to obtain a programme as a souvenir of my visit. Very grateful if you would let me know. Many thanks and kindest regards,
    Jim Hossack.

    1. Hi Jim, Yes we’re doing programmes for home games. If you are planning a visit feel free to contact us again at the time to confirm there is a programme for the game you are coming to see. Cheers, Ian

  7. Hello Larkhall Thistle – A friend tells me that Larkhall Thistle are selling programmes at home fixtures this season. Is this the case? Very grateful if you would let me know. Many thanks and kindest regards,
    Jim Hossack.

  8. Great reading all reports and comments, I still have some photographs and match reports if they are of interest. Great memories.

  9. Hi John they were great days a lot of memories would be delighted to arrange to get photos etc as we are taking part in an exhibition on 21st March and they would be a great addition to what we have already. You were capped at the Gow any chance of borrowing a cap for the day as well

  10. Dear Hugh, I was looking to see if there is any photos from 1960,s. As the link seems to be broken
    Kind Regards,
    Billy Watt
    1960 / 65

  11. I had a look, don’t see any problems tbh. The photos are all under the Gallery tab at the top of the page but I can’t see where the broken links are so if you could point out where you saw them it would be appreciated

  12. Can you please let me know if a programme will be issued for the Larkhall Thistle v. Haddington game in the Junior Cup on 26th September? (I am aware from the other comments that programmes were issued in 13/14 but as the programme editor was away in May 2015, I thought it would be a good idea to ask to be on the safe side.)
    Many thanks
    Chris Ashbridge

      1. Nearly correct Ian we train indoors at St Aidans High School Wishaw on a Monday and at what is considered the best artificial surface in Scotland at Dalzell Motherwell on a Wednesday

    1. Hi Alan we are a semi professional club in Scotland . Their are three levels of football in Scotland senior,Junior and amateur. Our ground in its current form can take upwards of 2000 between enclosure and terracing but in bygone years we have had upwards of 7000 in the ground. If you read our history you will see we are Scotland’s oldest club at this level. Hope this answers your question.

  13. I signed as an amateur for Larkhall around May 1968, while still at school. To the best of my recollection I played at left back for most if not all of the remaining Lanarkshire League fixtures, and then at the beginning of the new Central League in August/September. I recall matches against Port Glasgow, Petershill and Bailleston. I went off to university in England in late September.
    Is there any record of the team selections for that period of time? I have a fairly good record of my football career and would like to add these details.
    I Note your list of players who went on to play senior football. When I came back from university, I player over 200 games for Queen of the South and Berwick Rangers (as a goalkeeper). Hope you can help me. John Lyle

  14. Hello , Myself and a friend are coming up from Merseyside next saturday 11th March and are looking at taking in your game in . Could you please advise on a contact number in case of bad weather . Also can I ask what the admission prices are for Adults & Concessions and are there programmes and enamel badges available. Many Thanks Ian

    1. Hi Ian,
      The main problem with you travelling is that if there is bad weather, it is usually a 10am pitch inspection so if you’re coming up from Merseyside you’ll probably already have left by the time you’ve found out it’s off. I would advise you not to travel if there has been heavy rain in the 2 – 3 days prior to the game, or if there has been freezing temperatures. Saying that however, if you want to send a mobile number to I’ll text you updates as soon as i hear anything

  15. I was watching Dickinsons real deal last week, when an item came up for sale.i was totally shocked to see Andy McLaren’s medals up for sale,there was a total of 14 of them some silver,some gold, a property developer found them on top of a wardrobe,they went to auction, and made £1000 pounds, the reason I am writing this is because I think the medals should have been handed back to the family,or his mother club larkhall Thistle, it would be a great asset if the jags could start a fund to get them back from the buyer,I am sure it could put you in contact with the auction house and find the buyer,you never know after he knows the story of them,he might return them,
    Anyone interested Google Andy McLaren you can find out all about this larkhall hero, who should never be forgotten.

    1. Hi David we sell club shirts is it for an adult or a junior price depends on what you want on the shirt I.e sponsors logo embroidered club badge or personal name on back of shirt .We also do t shirts polo shirts tammies and various other merchandise my contact no is 07746875347.don’t hesitate to give me acall

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