Lesmahagow v Larkhall Thistle, Sectional League Cup

Lesmahagow v Larkhall Thistle

Thistle went in to what was shaping up to be a showdown for the Section 1 title and came out on top in what was a surprisingly one-sided contest. The result leaves the Jags waiting for Saturday’s fixtures to see if they are overhauled by either Lanark or Gow on goal difference.

Top of Section 1 19-08-2015
Top of Section 1 19-08-2015


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(No video of the game due to technical difficulties, sorry)

4 thoughts on “Lesmahagow v Larkhall Thistle, Sectional League Cup

  1. hi de ley ho, Andy brown here standing where I am which is here. just thought I would comment on my Nokia 3310 and clear up a few allegations about myself and other playing staff ! but firstly, on behalf of the Larkhall bowls club can I just say a massiv clubhouse well done to niall ‘my brother plays way abeerdeeen” Reynolds on not hitting any playing staff so far this season. the mole inside the camp says training has been positive and as leader of the social committee with gracie I would like to echo this. wud also like to congratulate Gary mcstat on his first goal in training tonight been a long time coming m8 but as spandeu ballet once said always believe in ur soul. anyway I need to go clean the Hyundai before cleanin my umbro 1965 Italias. Mon the larky

  2. Haloua from shiek smoothville wud likey to congrat mcstat on scoring his firsty goaly lasty nitey pure classy I’m on here to announce I’m in deep discussion with potential new sponsor specky savers who r giving me specks so I can see wat is appenen on field of play have also told committe to pay scorers 5camels for each goal and two goats a man on each shuty ooty here we go larkie boys and I’ve brought my cuzin fae sandbag land shiek mannyoan as extra defender

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