Carluke Rovers 1 Larkhall Thistle 2 – 11th October 2014

Central League First Division
John Cumming Stadium, Carluke
Carluke Rovers v Larkhall Thistle

Thistle started the game with sweeping changes as the manager looked to try and turn the tide of recent results. Back came Hugh Kelly into a holding midfield role while Mark McKeever formed a new strike partnership with David Reid at the expense of Graham Gracie and Ross McGeachie who were both carrying minor niggles. Jordan Marshall was restored to centre back in place of Andy Brown who dropped to the bench and there was a start for Ian Cooke in the wide right position.

carluke defender offers parking spot for bike
Carluke defender offers parking spot for bike

Unfortunately the new line up was just about the only interesting thing of a very tame first 15 minutes as the two teams hardly mustered a shot between them, although Thistle kept the ball well with Hugh Kelly having the look of a young Pirlo about him in midfield. Mark Canning had a pop from 25 yards in the 16th minute and that was followed shortly after by a Mark McKeever effort from even further out but this one dipped and went a lot closer.

Carluke were getting caught offside repeatedly in the early stages and there were calls from the home fans that the referee was going by the shouts, and in the 20th minute there was a clear case of the tables being turned as he awarded the home side a penalty. There was a bit of a melee in the box at a cross ball and a hand did get raised, but it was a Carluke player not Niall Reynolds who handled it although the shouts seemed to convince the referee that it was a spot kick.

Carluke penalty
Carluke penalty

Alan Colquhoun – who has had an excellent start to the season – once again pulled off another great save to dive left and block the kick from Carluke’s Watt. David Reid was looking lively up front and working hard but he was getting frustrated at the lack of good service and was getting a bit isolated as Mark McKeever’s natural instinct to drift out wide often left him as a lone striker. He did come close in 23 minutes though when Cooke slipped a ball inside to him from the wide right position and he took a touch and whipped in a fierce shot that keeper Grier got down well to save.

Carluke defender clears off the line
Carluke defender clears off the line

The game was picking up now and Carluke could have scored two minutes later when a ball was whipped across the six yard box with Watt just failing to connect and two minutes after that Cavanagh was put through and was only prevented from scoring by Colquhoun’s rush out of the box and sliding block.

Carluke finally made their first half superiority count in the 32nd minute with a break down the right that wasn’t closed down and a cross which Murray reacted to before any of the Thistle defenders and got a hooked shot away that found the bottom corner of the goal.

Thistle fought back and pressed for an equaliser before half time, but the closest they came was five minutes before the break when a free kick on the left was curled in by Brian Jack and Neil Schoneville’s hheader was heading for the net until it was blocked by a clearing header two yards off the line.

Half Time: Carluke Rovers 1 Larkhall Thistle 0

By the half way stage it looked unlikely that Thistle would get anything from the game and things nearly got even worse four minutes into the second period when Cavanagh got on the end of a cross and shot from point blank range, Colquhoun again pulling off a magnificent save to keep the Jags in the game.

Twenty minutes into the second half Mark Canning burst into life with a determined run and when the Carluke defender misjudged the flight of the ball he nipped in front of Grier and took the ball round the keeper before slotting it into the empty net.

Thistle celebrate equaliser
Thistle celebrate equaliser

Graham Gracie then came on for Brian Jack with Reid dropping back into midfield to cover and Thistle produced the best move of the match when Nicholl swept in a cross that Gracie backheeled into the path of Cooke, who controlled it and hit a good shot on target.

Matty Clarke then replaced Cooke in midfield and added a bit of guile and urgency to proceedings and Thistle took charge of the rest of the game. A few minutes later there was an extraordinary incident when Reynolds crossed from wide on the right and the ball went all the way through to the back post before landing at Reid’s feet two yards out, but it caught him out and he couldn’t get a shot away.

Canning second half free kick
Canning second half free kick

Carluke had one more chance to go back in front when Gow found himself on the end of a cross, six yards out and totally unmarked but he couldn’t get his header on target. Larkhall replied with two close efforts from Ross McGeachie who had come on for McKeever but they won the game with a goal four minutes from time.

Gracie started the move with a run on the left before sliding the ball into the path of Reid, he took a touch and hit a good shot across the goal that Grier did well to stop but he only pushed it out as far as Canning who had made a good run to get to it first and tapped the ball home.

Carluke's Watt lines up shot as Schoneville gets out to block
Carluke’s Watt lines up shot as Schoneville gets out to block

A great recovery from the Jags after things were looking a bit bleak at half time. The first half experiment with the team line up didn’t really work out but when they were back on more familiar lines Thistle finished the game well on top and probably just deserved the win.

Full Time: Carluke Rovers 1 Larkhall Thistle 2

Larkhall Thistle:
Colquhoun; Reynolds, Schoneville, Marshall, Nicholl; Cooke (Clarke 69), Kelly, Canning, Jack (Gracie 65); McKeever (McGeachie 79), Reid. Subs: Brown, McAlpine (GK)

Thistle scorers: Canning (2)

Booked: Canning, Kelly

Carluke Rovers:
Grier, Stewart, Gow, Gray, S Murray, G Murray, Wilson, Dean Kindlan, Watt, Cavanagh, Weir, Subs: Haddow, Smillie, Lithgow, Thomson (GK), Dan Kindlan

Best on the day for Thistle: Neil Schoneville was heroic at times in defence but Alan Colquhoun kept Thistle in the game with three fantastic saves including the penalty.

25 thoughts on “Carluke Rovers 1 Larkhall Thistle 2 – 11th October 2014

  1. It’s great to have Kelly back in there with me his experience and class allows me to get forward more as you seen yesterday with my two goals. He’s a joy to play with!

  2. It’s great to have Kelly back in beside me he really does make a difference he allows me to bomb forward as you seen with my two goals yesterday. He also tells me off if I’m not working hard enough. Honour to play with him

  3. Been following the thistle for longer than I can remember and must say yesterday’s performance showed all the boys are in it together. The lad McKiveer who must be the fittest 41 year old in the juniors for me set the tone with his never say die attitude. Well done jags!!

  4. Love getting oot the hoose on a Saturday and watching tam & stinky passion for the team to succeed. If anyone deserves success it’s they 2 keep up the good work boys

  5. Hi was down watching the game on sat. I play right back and was looking for a team can only train 1 night a week but think I’ll still make the right back position mine ever week after watching your right back on sat

  6. I would just like to take the time out and say a big thank you to tam,sinky and all the board from bringing me back to the club! I should have never have left going away and cumming back you realise what a special club larkhall really is!! So i will be trying my best to take the club to promotion because i know what a big part i can play in doing so! Thanks again to everyone!!

  7. Just had my usual daily chat with Mr Sinclair and was delighted to hear about the positive vibes coming from the training complex last night. Says a few boys like the laddie Reid, McKiver, and Hugh Kelly are leading the way in effort, still concerned about the laddie Brown said the boy Marshall ‘had his legs in knots’ with his trickery at the small sided games. As a long term admirer of Andrew I feel the boys should be doing more to help him rediscover last seasons form. If he doesn’t I can see a move to Harthill Royal on the cards.

  8. As vice captain id like to take this opportunity to thank lee moss on bebalf of all the boys for all his efforts over the past few years! Lee has been a huge part of our great club and is a wee rascal at times in the dressing room. Lee hopefully we’ll see you at the sidelines shouting the jags on. we’ll also miss the way you tie your laces like little bunny rabbit ears! ! good luck my friend!!!!

  9. Thanks neily av been greetin since a left canny believe its larky nae mare fur me. But al still cum tae tbe gemz and support yez if ye cut me in hoff id bleed the larky colours. So gid luck miss the bantir…. super ally!!!!

  10. as vice captain of the club I want to thank lee moss for his services to our club. hel be sadly missed in the changing room as hes a wee rascal at times. wel also .miss the way he ties his laces like wee bunny rabbit ears good luck boods.x

  11. It really warms the heart to see the boys giving wee Lee Buddha Moss a warm send off on this forum.
    Thinks it a great idea some of the more experienced players like Kelly and Canning share their thoughts post game, this is something I know big funky dunky and tam slam dunk mclaughlin are pleased with. I look forward to future games and to see what other players think about the way the games have panned out.
    Just a quick question I hope Hugh or Mark can answer, when did the boy Renalds get made vice captain. Would have made more sense to have Jack or McKiver in that role given the wealth of experience they possess.

  12. awroghtey old teem pals ho iverz organ izing the crimbo night oot is it ok if a can cum tae? cos ma wumins gawn oot that night. bee sum laff man. kin a? fur old times in that. super ally!!.pee es hooz takin the muney?

  13. wee man told you on the phone last night your welcome il get you picked up few beer in my house first.couple of games eh fifa. tben wel head up to larky just the two of us.and meet the boys. be a right tear up mate. you’ll always be larky s number 1 in the skips eyes’s!

  14. First time poster and it warms the heart to see the club captain reaching out to the wee Buddha in a such a kind and honest way. Was up taking in training last night at the new training academy and found myself laughing out loud at some of the nicknames on show. The few I heard had me confused. Firstly the big goalie Alan heard him getting called Sam! After the fireman? To me he looked like a homeless chimney sweep. The other goalie was getting called greegsy, take it he works in greggs, cause he had hands like a performing seal. A few others I heard and didn’t make much sense were the lad nicol being called pickle to me his face looks more like a poison big toe than a pickle.
    Was to nervous to come any closer than the car park to speak to the management. Can anyone help me with other players nicknames?’

  15. Boys the games up! Feel it’s time that I owned up to the shenanigans on here, hate seeing a goods mans character being questioned by his team mates and the management!! Shug isn’t the phantom poster on here it’s me, big greegsy! Or as the boys at my old team called me paper hands and the best number 3 in the league!!
    Been feeling terrible as I don’t know the boys and hate seeing old friends argue and point the finger of blame. In all honesty I’m terrified ryan reggie Innes attacks some one or andy really does leave or shug starts to think he really is pirlo!!
    Hope everyone can except my apology I was just trying to get the approval of the ‘what’s app’ team.

  16. HI guys yes I know its a tad late but the mrs in bed im sitting on the settee with my larky onesy and a hot mug of coco in hand! just reading some of these endearing posts it really does show the togetherness we have we are all as close as brothers and sisters. I look forward to pulling that number 2 jersey over my head again on Saturday but I do know if I don’t start playing better there will be a number 1 in front of the 2. so all that said its time to go and read a chapter of 50 shades eh larky night night brothers and sisters. x

  17. Lads as your number 1 fan who travels the width and breadth of East Ayrshire to follow you’s every Saturday it disturbs me to hear that one of our most decorated and experienced players in Kelly getting shall wee say bullied and backed into a corner on this “what’s app ” team group chat. I must say in this day and age it’s like brook side on a sunday it’s just not on. Since this talented individual has walked back through those gates the season tickets have rocketed to an all time high and shirt sales have went up. I urge those bullies to stop this or risk losing sinkys prized asset

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