Larkhall Thistle 0 St Anthony’s 1 – 19th March 2016

Thistle started the game with the same eleven players who played very well in last week’s 3-0 victory.  The Ants came out in determined fashion and did not look like a team who had shipped 11 goals in their last two games. The visitors were soon buzzing around the home goal without really troubling Stuart Thomson in the Jags goal.

The visitors went ahead from the penalty spot when Josh Payne pulled back the Ant’s No 9. The referee pointed to the spot and the visitors duly converted the spot kick. Graham Gracie then had what turned out to be the home team’s only shot at goal but Baker in the St Anthony’s goal pushed his shot round the post for a corner.

Half time: Larkhall Thistle 0 St Anthony’s 1

The second half started with a push by Larkhall without troubling Baker in the visiting goal. Thistle were denied what appeared to be a stonewall penalty when Graham Gracie was clearly pulled down in the box by St Anthony’s No 4 but the referee waved play on.

The Jags made three changes with David Reid replacing Scott Nicholl, Hugh Kelly coming on for Paul Burns and Gary McStay for Matty Clarke. Reid put in a couple of good crosses but found no takers and the game petered out with the visiting keeper a spectator.

Full time: Larkhall Thistle 0 St Anthony’s 1

Larkhall Thistle:
S. Thomson; Doyle, Brown, Marshall, Burns (Kelly); Payne, Innes, Jack, Nicholl (Reid); Gracie Clarke (McStay)

Subs not used: McKeever, D. Thomson

Without a doubt one of our poorest displays for a long time but the players have the chance to make amends next Saturday at Wishaw.

Man of the match: Supporter Fraser MacFarlane picked Andy Brown as his man of the match.

2 thoughts on “Larkhall Thistle 0 St Anthony’s 1 – 19th March 2016

  1. The worst game I have seen for years, two poor teams but St Anthony’s wanted and needed the points more so they won, Thistle’s performance was typical of a mid table team who have nothing to play for and have been stuck in the same league for far too long.
    I would agree with Fraser that Andy Brown was MoM, in fact he was the only one who got pass marks. The whole thing was summed up by a good run and cross from David Reid on to substitute McStay’s foot and he managed to clear it for a throw-in from 12 yards out.

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